Catalogue cover

A little something we did for the pedigree catalogue cover. Thanks to Juliana Farella for the art direction on this one.


Pedigree catalogue cover

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A little product photography promotion

Someone asked me for a business card the other day and I have to admit, I’ve never had one. Sure I’ve designed them for other people but never my own (another part of me thought: do people still use business cards??) .

Promotion, I never do it, or I never get the chance to do it…or never take the time to do it. It’s a case of the cobblers shoes, I’m usually so busy with the day to day and not building my own business to be a little more self sustaining.

So I now take a little time to promote;



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It’s true, I’ve been to prison…

5 times to be exact and 3 of those where women’s institutions. Ok, so I haven’t been to jail in the traditional sense in shackles and asked to spread and cough…but none the less I’ve been. I jumped on Ron Levine’s journey to document the lives of geriatric prisoners in the US and Canada. I had to chance to help photograph and interview dozens of inmates some of which where well into their 80’s. This self funded project has travelled the world in many exhibits and now a new exhibition is on its way to back to Alcatraz for 2015 in a newly renovated space. This time he’s looking for a little help to cover some of the costs of printing and putting together of the new show.



So if you’d like to be a part of this fantastic slice of life that few have the privilege of seeing up close. head on over to Ron’s Indiegogo page. There are lots of perks you can qualify for, you can even get yourself the book.

While your at it have a look at he official Prisoners of Age website.




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From Crayon to Character



Although my son seems to have moved on to paint, my medium of choice these days is still crayon.

I’d like to introduce Perry the piranha

From crayon



to Character



And beyond



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Maple ginger chili sauce

Spring is coming (well officially today), we’ve had -20 nights this week, a foot + of snow last week, spring is around the corner, it has to be. With spring comes maple syrup (at least around here) so once the temperatures hover around the freezing mark, above during the day and below at night the sap will flow.

To celebrate this magical sugar, here’s something a little different. Turn it into a sweet chili sauce. Take half a can of syrup (I like medium personally but light or dark will do fine), finely grate ginger and (a little rasp/zester) finely chop up some some chilies, seeds out and 4 – 6 cloves of garlic, I just run them through a garlic press. Now amounts vary by taste, ginger a couple inches squared. Chili, depends on how hot you like it and how hot the chilies are, I put a couple in. Throw it all into a mason jar and let it sit for a day to let the flavors set in.

As a dipping sauce it works as is, if your cooking with it, you’ll either want to reduce it a little or thicken it up w/ flour or corn starch.

Maple ginger chili sauce

Maple ginger chili sauce

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360º view of a jacket

One of the services I provide most is website content for clothing companies- full service turnaround of web ready (and catalogue ready) images. So I thought to myself…

“What would be a way to do something a little different for the new site?… a 360˚ view of a jacket, great idea!”

…no, it wasn’t. I’ve had loose requests before but because of timelines and deliveries of samples from Asia it never went any further.

Since this was for my own pleasure and showcase I had all the time in the world to give it a try. As I was plugging along on this make-work project, I was tallying up the hours and work involved. About half way through, I came to the distinct conclusion that it might be a bit pricey for a commercial application . In terms of budget, you’re looking at 1.5 to 2 K per item. You’d have to sell a lot of jackets to make up that kind of investment.

Right now it has the air of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer stop motion animation. Technically, if it is output as a .mov it’s a little smoother but big; GIF is a little jarring and choppy depending on the viewer’s download rate; .SWF would probably be the best but not everything will read it. . The .GIF and Quicktime are the versions I included. The .GIF because of its lower file size and most platforms will play it and the Quicktime for the smoothness. I could’ve probably spent a few more hours to clean it up. This version is about 90 images animated frame by frame, but at the end of the day, this is as far as I’m going to take this project for now.

I would probably dissuade any client from going this route, for most cases all you really need is a front and back view.

Click the images below to see what the work in progress looked like.


Work in Progress GIF (3.5mb)


Quicktime version (17.8mb)





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Ten years and a new site

Ten years. Time flies – when you start a company, you don’t tend to see the minutes go by. The late nights and deadlines blur into weeks, days, months and years and before you know it, a decade has gone by.

When I started B Side, I had already been working in the music industry for four years with Butta Babees. We were a 4 man crew that took on all aspects of an independent hip hop group. When I started to get requests from other groups to do marketing, promotion, graphic design and photography, I created B Side Communications to encompass those services.

“B side”: a tip of the hat to the 12″ single, the music marketing tool that was sent and sold to DJ’s and record collectors. The ‘b side’ was traditionally reserved for remixes, live versions, instrumentals or tracks that record companies didn’t think could make it as a single. The ‘b side’ wasn’t for for the masses, it was for the niche market; the fans that were looking for exclusives that no one else had.

Marketing as a whole has moved away from the mass market, traditional channels becoming less and less effective. Everyone is looking for a niche, from the smallest to the largest companies, all are trying to find their way in this ever-changing landscape. B Side Communications is a company that is now more than ever a way to find a niche for you, your company and your products, through imagery and design. B Side is a content provider for your website, concept and design of your marketing material. Let’s find your niche.

Welcome to the new site, much more to come.


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