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A little product photography promotion

Someone asked me for a business card the other day and I have to admit, I’ve never had one. Sure I’ve designed them for other people but never my own (another part of me thought: do people still use business

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It’s true, I’ve been to prison…

5 times to be exact and 3 of those where women’s institutions. Ok, so I haven’t been to jail in the traditional sense in shackles and asked to spread and cough…but none the less I’ve been. I jumped on Ron

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From Crayon to Character

  Although my son seems to have moved on to paint, my medium of choice these days is still crayon. I’d like to introduce Perry the piranha From crayon   to Character   And beyond  

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Maple ginger chili sauce

Spring is coming (well officially today), we’ve had -20 nights this week, a foot + of snow last week, spring is around the corner, it has to be. With spring comes maple syrup (at least around here) so once the

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